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iPAL service portfolio


*The iPAL pallet has the same technical features as a Euro pallet

Serialised 2D code
Euro pallet

Digitise your supply chain with the new iPAL pallet*:

  • Unique international number as 2D code directly on the pallet

  • 2D code as proof of authenticity for EPAL Euro pallets

  • Bulk reading of serialised pallets with the iPAL app

  • Dispense with labelling by linking the goods to the pallet ID or the pallet ID to the shipment

  • Information on age and IPPC treatment
    of Euro pallets in the iPAL app


* AI = artificial intelligence

pallet management

Use the iPAL app to increase efficiency at the loading bay and in the back office:

  • Use the app to instruct and support employees dureing processes involving load carriers

  • Automatic booking of load carrier inventory in real time

  • One click counting of empties in handover processes or during inventory control using AI *
  • Reduce administrative tasks to a minimum

  • Reduce ramp times and paper work


Plug and play
Load carrier management

Use the iPAL platform for simple load carrier management:


  • Set up load carrier management with just a few clicks

  • Intuitive inventory and account management using the iPAL platform

  • Real-time load carrier movements and inventory changes

  • Generation of unique labels for your own load carriers (retrofit)

  • Set up your load carrier network with suppliers or customers



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